How it works

Home Made Jam is a directory of listing pages containing information, photos, video, music player, links to other online pages and contact details to showcase the artist, host or group making the listing.
People can find musicians and other artists for concerts in their home, local hall or venue as well as for weddings, parties and functions.        

Musicians can find places to play shows and tours (homes, halls and listening venues).

Without Joining

Without joining, anyone can still browse the site, but to access all the features of Home Made Jam such as creating a listing page, or contacting anyone, you need to join.

1. Join HMJ


Joining is free for everyone.

Once registered, you can search and contact other users. You can create directory listing pages for musician, poet, concert host, (homes, halls, listening spaces),  club/organisation, depending on your needs.

In no time you’ll be using HMJ to find all the music connections you want.  Once our net is working, we will ask artists to pay a small annual fee for their listings.

2. Create Your Listing Pages

HMJ-scrnshotHome Made Jam is a directory of listing pages that tell others about you as an artist, host, club, organisation or your tour.

If you’re an artist, you can load photos, video and music samples, describe in detail what you do, link to your other sites and choose tags that will help you get found. You can let folk know when you’re touring and looking for performance opportunities in their area.

To host musicians at your place, create a listing page so you can be found, but keep your privacy. Set your music preferences so you connect with the musicians you love. You can list details of your shows, or club/organisation.

Create Your Listing

3. Get Connected With Others In Our Music Community

Search to connect with others who share your musical passions, or make a listing page and you are easy to find. Look for shows on our Whats On page or Facebook events.

You will find more detailed information in the         Guides for Hosts, Musicians and Guests