We are trying to help wholehearted live music thrive in Australia and New Zealand by encouraging intimate shows in homes, halls and venues. Lots of great info here.

House Concerts

What exactly is a house concert?

House concerts made easy

Your living room could help save the music industry

Backyard concerts: how you can hire rock stars for your garden party (NZ)

Everyone loves live music where people actually listen.

Huffington Post talks about house concerts

I’d love to play at your place. Will you invite me?

The great US site, Concerts In Your Home, have lots of informative resources for hosts and artists.

Video:The House Concert Experiment: A Tour Documentary 

House on the Hill – Melbourne – really making house concerts work for artist and audience

The Little Stevies: House concerts, what a brilliant concept

The Joy of House Concerts (Crikey.com)

Make Real money Doing House Concerts

How to actually make money doing house concerts

Wikipedia article on the history, organisation and recent uses of house concerts.

Homeroutes, California: articles for hosts and artists.

Video: The Hollands! at a house concert. Video.

Bundanoon House Concerts

Hall Happenings

Inspiring events, run by volunteers

Turn your local hall into a live music venue – great for artists, your community and the finances.

A little country hall (Live At The Bundy) attracts the biggest artists

MOTH – Music On The Hill

The Manly Fig

The Music Shack

Kati Kati Folk Club

Fifteen Minutes OF Fame, Stokers Siding

Rous unplugged

Tintenbar Up Front

Oddfellows Hall Hot Club

Whangeteau Hall

How to manage a successful live music venue

Ideas for musicians

Six tips to avoid poverty as a musician

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Australian Festival Directory

Folk Alliance List of festivals

Wikipedia List of Australian Music festivals

Jazz And Beyond list of Jazz Festivals

Country Music Bulletin list of festivals by month

Australian Bluegrass.com List of festivals

Festival Australia list of festivals by month 

The Listening Room page of Sydney Open Mic events

Newcastle Folk Club list of folk festivals

Music clubs

Music clubs support musicians artistically, practically and financially

Other venues and links

Live Music Map – Australian live music venues and other resources


New South Wales

South Australia

East Coast Music Tour Venues (blog)


New Zealand

House Concerts Australia – another site aiming to make house concerts viable.

Parlour Gigs – house concert organisers based in Melbourne


Polka Dot Productions, Mullumbimby and Bellingen

Sydney booking agent

Band Aide