gregHome Made Jam aims to provide new opportunities for musicians and other artists to perform, by bringing wholehearted live music into people’s homes, their community halls and memorable listening venues. House concerts are a huge part of the music scene in N. America, and are growing in popularity here.

Find musicians and other artists for a show in your home, hall or venue, or for a wedding, function, party….

Artists  can find places to perform apart from the regular pubs and clubs, supplementing their income, while connecting with their audience in intimate venues. In addition, they’re now easily found to hire for parties, weddings, gigs, corporate shows…

At shows in homes, halls and listening venues, hosts and their guests experience heartfelt performances from highly talented musicians, build community connections, while providing income and an appreciative audience for musicians.

We aim to increase the enjoyment of music by musicians and listeners. Music sometimes deserves to be listened to without screens, noisy chatter and pokies. Together we are building a network that gets better and better with each new user and listing page. Let’s get it humming.

Home Made Jam is organic, free range, natural and wholesome.

How It Works

Guides for Musicians, Concert Hosts, Guests

An important part of human experience, music is universal, transcending boundaries of communication, with emotional and spiritual dimensions. Music brings people together.

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