Musicians who love people listening, are creating a co-op database of great rooms.

As a musician, I love rooms where people really listen to my music: house concerts, local halls, music clubs and venues that encourage a listening audience. All musicians love it when people appreciate our dedication and artistry.

 If you love that listening atmosphere too, work together with the 300+ other musos creating a database of these rooms.

Where are those places? YOU KNOW a few at least.  Let’s share that knowledge, so all of us benefit.

 Home Made Jam  is a free directory with some of those places already listed. 

Look some of them up, ask for a gig, and if your faves aren’t there, add them to the database so we all benefit. Suggest to your house concert hosts they join as well. Share the love!

 In addition, make a free profile page for yourself, linking all your other online resources. Then people can search for you for gigs as well.


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