Whether you are an artist or in the audience, being able to hear every nuance of voice, the scrape of finger on strings, the anecdotes between songs changes your experience of the music in fundamental ways. Music becomes a real part of you, and a real communication. Gigs in pubs, clubs and restaurants are great, but people are often there for more than the music: catch up with friends, have a night out, celebrate an event. These environments are often visually and aurally noisy.

Live at the BundyListening spaces are flourishing as people realise the beauty of music in these environments. People’s lounge rooms, backyards and barns, local halls, music clubs and venues that dedicate a room for listening. These intimate spaces are also helping musicians supplement their income, with donations or door entry often going completely to the artist.

Home Made Jam is a community organisation trying to create a network of listening spaces so musicians can contact them and organise shows. It’s free.

Home Made Jam is also a directory of musicians so people can find them for shows as well as weddings and functions.

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