What does “Submit Listing” mean?   What are listings?


Home Made Jam is like a telephone book only a lot better, including contact details, photos, video, sound samples and links to other pages. It is a directory, where you and others make listings that can be searched, the details supplied can be looked at and contact can be made. The searches can be refined by location, category and types of music.

Musicians and other artists (poets, storytellers, comedians) show what they do in text, video and sound files

Upcoming Tours is a separate listing because the musician is not located in any one place, but may be touring, for instance, Western Australia.  Then people in WA can search the listings for their state and find musicians touring there.

Hosts can list as a home, hall or listening venue (venue, warehouse, etc) giving artists a picture of where they are, how active, music type preferred, if they are taking bookings etc.

Concerts and Events can be listed so musicians can build their audience and hosts can find, select and invite guests to add to the attendance numbers.

Guests for Concerts is is a listing for those music lovers who do not have space to host a concert themselves, but would like to be able to be invited to private events. Hosts, artists, anyone can list in this category. Hosts looking for more people to attend their event can search these listings. Guests are able to ask to attend listed concerts.

Organisations and Clubs are there because they are often good contacts for musicians and other artists to network with likeminded people. Many of them hold regular concerts as well.

Wedding and Party Musicians are listed for the public to easily find someone for their function. If artists tick the checkbox (“I also do weddings and/or parties”) on their primary listing, they automatically are entered in this category. Artists can fill this in as their only listing if they like.

Festivals are not a separate listing category, but some can be found on the links page.

Can I submit different listings?

Yes. Once signed up you can list in any category. When the site becomes a humming hive of activity with lots of users creating musical opportunities, artist listings will attract a small annual fee so we can keep things ticking along.

How can I edit my listing page?

When you first submit your listing page, it is not visible until approved. You will be informed when approved. Then you can view  and edit it. Look at the top RH corner of any page. Point at your avatar and logged in name with the little v under it and the drop down menu gives you the option to “Edit listings”. Click on that and you will be able to choose the page to edit.

What is a “listening venue?”

It is probably a commercial venue which encourages a listening audience. Or it may be a space like a warehouse, church, or staffroom. It is not the regular pub or club where there may be pokies, screens and other activities which intrude on the enjoyment of the music. Halls are in a category of their own because they are often old community venues with a lot of history and character unique to them.

What are Guests for Concerts?

Some music lovers are not musicians, or don’t have a space suitable to hosting concerts, but they would like to be able to attend private concerts. By listing as concert guests, they are able to make contact with hosts of concerts they would like to attend. In addition, if a host is having difficulty finding enough guests for a concert, they can search for them on HMJ.

Can I just find musicians for my wedding or party without joining?

You can browse wedding and party musicians to find the music you like, but to contact them, join up. It’s free. Remember, if they are some way from you, they may be willing to travel to play for you.

How do favourites work?

You can favourite any listing you want to keep track of. You can add notes if you like. It will appear in your log in menu as “My Favourites”. You can view them in a convenient short list.

The number of favourites a listing has may be an indication of popularity, as well as Review stars and comments.

Your listing may be favourited by others as well.

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