Home Concert Guide for Concert Guests.

How do I get started?

Register. You can also apply to attend private concerts. Because of limits of audience size, you may not be invited, but could be added to the email list for future events. DSC_0826 cropped

Search HMJ for hosts and events in your area that suit your tastes. Ask to be put on the guest list and/or email list. It is at the discretion of the host to do this. You can also find events organised by date on the Home Made Jam Events on Facebook.

Contact artists whose concerts you would like to attend. Ask to be informed when they are performing in your area.

Be a good guest. Do not bring anyone extra without prior approval from the host. Ask what you can bring for dinner/supper/seating. Arrive on time. Understand you are a stranger invited by a generous host into their home. Behave responsibly, lawfully and respectfully. Make your donation as soon as you arrive. Do not go into areas of the house other than those designated by the host without invitation. If you’ve attended a concert and see the same host is holding another concert, you must ask to attend. Unless you are invited, you should not just turn up.

How can I attend more performances like this?

Help build the network. The more hosts, artists and guests on Home Made Jam, the more choice of artists and hosts you have. Like the Facebook page, and share posts, recommend Home Made Jam to potential new hosts, artists and guests. Home Made Jam – wholehearted live music.

Is there more information?

Concerts In Your Home in the US is the gold standard for promoting this way of making music come to life in peoples’ homes. Fran Snyder and his team have worked for many years to build up an array of wonderful resources for running, attending and performing at house concerts.

Check them out here, as well as a number of other great links.

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