Most of the fields on your listing form are obvious how to use, but there are explanations for each of them here if you need it. If a field is optional, feel free to leave it blank. Some fields do not appear on all forms.

Listing Category. Choose which applies to the listing you want to create. If you are a musician (for example), but also want to host concerts or be a guest at other concerts, make extra listings for the other categories. Artists touring is another listing because searching is location based, and on tour, you are not at home. Hosts can be homes, halls or listening spaces (e.g. commercial venues)….

Listing Title. This is what will appear on your listing. e.g. Guitarman, John’s Home Concerts, West Coast Jazz Club… If you are listing a concert, you should include the artist’s name in the listing title as well as the date and the name of your place so that is easy for viewers to know who, where and when in one glance. If you are a Musician Touring, include your name and outline of proposed tour e.g. Guitarman, Byron Bay to Sydney, January 2015.

Location. For privacy, only enter your town or suburb. If you wish the address to be public, you may enter your exact address.

Listing Region. Choose a state.

Contact email. Your user email address will have been entered for you. Change it if you want people to contact you at a different email address.

Music Genre(s). Choose as many as you like to describe your music. In addition to music genres, there are genres for Poet, Bush Poet, Spoken Word and Storyteller. Contact us if there are genres you would like added to better describe your music.

Listing Image. This is the image that will be your face to the world. Choose a good quality image. the image displays differently on different devices. The best ratio is height 1 to 2.5 width. Also, keep the most important part of the image centred both top to bottom and left to right. Only use images labelled .jpg .gif or .png (NOT .jpeg)

Gallery Images. Add images that show other aspects of you. If you are a host, images of the performance space and pics from concerts would be good. For privacy, do not include images of your place from the street.

Description. This will vary a lot depending on your listing category. There is more specific information for Musicians, Hosts and Guests in their detailed guides in the FAQ. Check what some other listings have done for more ideas. If you have other internet sites that are not catered for in other fields, you can include links to those here.

Embedded video. Copy and paste the URL of your video into the field. This video will appear on your HMJ listing. If you are an artist, a video of you performing live will give people interested in you the best idea of what to expect.

Youtube Profile URL. Enter the URL of your YouTube profile. There will be a link on your HMJ listing to your Youtube channel.

Facebook Profile URL. Enter the URL of your Facebook profile. There will be a link on your HMJ listing to your Facebook page.

Soundcloud Profile URL. Enter the URL of your Soundcloud profile. There will be a link on your HMJ listing to your Soundcloud page.

Soundcloud Player. Click “Share” on your Soundcloud song or playlist. copy the  URL that appears on the screen and  paste. There will be a player on your HMJ listing of those songs for people to listen to.

Website URL. Enter the URL of your website. There will be a link on your HMJ listing to your website.

Phone Number. Only enter this if you are happy to make this public. 

Accommodation Possible. This only appears on host listing forms. A clean bed in a friendly place can be a help for travelling artists, an attraction to choosing your place, and they may then agree on a smaller fee for performing. Ticking this does not mean you will agree to accommodate everyone. You must be comfortable, and your offer may not always be available if you have other guests for instance. As your first contact is via email, you will have time to evaluate whether you want to do this.