“I will invite one of my favourite musicians to play for me and my friends.”

Great music as up close and personal as it gets and help the musicians make a living! Why not? Friends bring their own drinks and a plate to share. Some groups of friends hold house concerts regularly in different houses. Some hire a local hall (they are remarkably cheap)

The way the music is now packaged, sold and experienced and the way musicians make a living have changed dramatically. House concerts are part of the new music paradigm. Musicians love them because people truly listen, and the pay is pretty good. Everyone donates, and many buy merchandise as well.

When you can hear the musician’s breath, the scrape of fingers on strings, anecdotes freely shared in such an intimate environment… you will want more. A New Year resolution that gives to you.

HMJ’s New Year’s resolution: help lots of people enjoy this type of musical experience.

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Pictured: Ben Salter live in a Ballina living room November 2016.

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