Home Made Jam – Newsletter #1 September 2015

The HMJ bus is gathering momentum.

Thanks to you all for push starting Home Made Jam

“I think the website and network is fantastic . House concerts are far and away my favourite gigs, not least of which because of the sense of community and the very personal, face to face nature of them…”

“You have made something very special! Nice one! “

“Great idea. A network of small shows and listening audiences is what musicians really need.”

Near the end of August, we have well over 100 active users of the website, 180 Facebook likes, shows taking place, and lots of positive feedback.

Welcome to you all, and feel free to keep the bus humming by sharing with others, browsing pages, checking in on Facebook…. This Community will serve you if you help keep the vibe alive.

In the midnight hour she cried “More, more, more…


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