How do I find what I am looking for?

There are many ways to search the listings in Home Made Jam. Point at “Find” in the menu and choose an option. Click on a picture on the home page e.g. “A Musician or Band”. Find listings for your state or territory on the home page and click on one, or “More”.

All of these methods will bring up a map displaying the search results HMJ search resultsSearch page HMJ

You can home in on the area where you are and make selections, or you can refine your search by choosing a category, region or genres.

Why do just suburbs, or street names, but not numbers appear on the map listings?

For privacy reasons, many users do not enter their exact address. A random street from the suburb is assigned to their listing. You cannot rely on the map for directions, unless the exact address including street number is included.

What do the different marker icons on the map mean?

Each marker icon has a different colour to aid identification, as well as the following appearance.

Organisations and Clubs

Concerts and Events

Guests for Concerts



Listening Spaces

A Musician or Band

Musicians Touring


Wedding and Party Musicians

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