House concerts are not only a viable way to supplement income as an artist, but they are a place where people really listen to your music. Many musicians and other performing artists are embracing them for those reasons, but also because of the difficulties of finding supportive venues to play at.

“House concerts are far and away my favourite gigs, not least of which because of the sense of community and the very personal, face to face nature of them…” Mary Webb, musician.


New house concert hosts are also discovering how wonderful it is having concerts from great musicians in their lounge room, verandah, back yard or shed.

“Sitting there up close and feeling the vibrations in the air and through the floor, hearing the smallest detail of finger on wood, fibre on strings. Proximity has tremendous effect, and it makes no difference that I’m not a Celtic folky or bluegrass fan — being there really is the thing, and how music fills you up in that setting is, in an unverbalisable way, what music actually means.” (WH Chong

Become part of the house concert experience.

Pics of Sal Kimber and John Flanagan at Ti and Ian’s Place, May 2016.

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